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RaceWax Ski Tune+ Race Kit: 3 Piece Vise, Iron, 3 Brushes Tools Wax

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The Ski Tune kit is everything you need to tune skis: Tool kit; Iron; 3-piece Vise with Jaws; 3 Brush Kit; and Wax. Compare RaceWax kit contents to any kit on the market to learn they are far superior both in quality and completeness.

  • $270 value for items purchased separately.
  • RaceWax World Cup All Metal ski vise. 60 mm wide gripping length on center jaws offers superior stability for skis. Jaw opening ranges from 40-90 mm. Height adjustable end supports that rotate in two directions.
  • Top quality temperature adjustable 800 W Toko T8 wax iron with a thick base plate for temperature stability, and an accurate thermostat and a grooved base structure for even wax distribution.
  • Race Tuning Kit includes: Edge Bevel Multi Tool with metal file for a precise edge angle from 0 degree to 5 degrees in 0.5 degree increments; Blue DMT Diamond Stone; Two Sharp/Rigid Acrylic Wax Scraper (both wide and short versions); Metal Scraper; Gummi Stone (gray); File Cleaning Brush; one pair Ski Brake Retainers; Clear P-Tex; Black P-Tex; all in a zippered Cordura pouch with lots of storage pockets.
  • 1 brass, 1 nylon, and 1 horsehair brush in a handy travel case. Brass brush (12 mm) for cold, hard waxes. Nylon brush (12 mm) for cleaning wax from base structure. Horsehair brush (8 mm) for soft waxes, powders, and final polishing. Each brush measures 3 in x 4.5 in.
  • 300 g Ski Wax: one All Temperature Hydrocarbon Wax, 150 g; one Warm Temperature Hydrocarbon Wax, 150 g
Bonus Benefit for this kit: If you don't know what base and side angles your ski/board are set to, the high precision tool in this kit can help you find them. Before you start mark the metal edge with a sharpie, start the tool at the lowest angle and see if it removes the marking on your edge. Raise the angle step-wise and repeat until it removes the mark. That is your angle! Record the base/side angles for future reference.
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