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Swix Wax 540g Total: 180g HF7BW Black Wolf, 180g LF7, 180g CH7 Ski Wax

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Swix '7-Pack' 180g HF7BW Black Wolf, 180g LF7, 180g CH7 Ski Wax - 540g Total!

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  • Three 180 gram bars (540 grams total) of Swix ski wax, one each: HF7BW Black Wolf; LF7; CH7. Range of use: -2 C / 28 F to -8 C / 18 F.
  • One 180 gram bar of Swix HF7BW Black Wolf Violet with Black BW added, -2C to -8C (28F to 18F). Easy application. Good dirt resistance. To be used on man-made snow or transformed snow, partly polluted. BW-additive reduces friction towards snow-crystals and has excellent wear resistance.
  • One 180 gram bar of Swix Fluoro Ski Wax LF7 180g. Low fluoro wax that is a very good race wax at low humidity. At higher humidity use a fluoro wax as a second coat or powder overlay.
  • One 180 gram bar of Swix Hydrocarbon Wax CH7X 180 grams. General purpose wax and travel wax because its range falls in the middle of the system. Good base bonding wax for other waxes. For summer training and glacier skiing provides good glide and base protection when mixed with CH3.

Temperature Range: -2 C / 28 F to -8 C / 18 F

Complete Series:

  • 4 = -10 C / 14 F to -32 C / -25 F
  • 6 = -6 C / 21 F to -12 C / 10 F
  • 7 = -2 C / 28 F to -8 C / 18 F
  • 8 = +1 C / 34 F to -4 C / 25 F
  • 10 = 10 C / 50 F to 0 C / 32 F
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