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5 Black and 5 Clear P-Tex PTex Rods

5 Black and 5 Clear P-Tex PTex Rods


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10 P-Tex Rods for base repairs.

  • 5 Black P-Tex Rods
  • 5 Clear P-Tex Rods
  • Requires a metal scraper (not included).
  • 8 mm diameter.
  • About 190 mm long (7.5 inches) long.


  • Black for black base areas
  • Clear for clear or colorized base areas

Before starting the process of dripping p-tex, remove any flammable cleaners from the work area to a safe place.

  • Sharpen the end of the p-tex candle so it will light easier. Light one end of a P-Tex candle with a match/torch; hold the candle above the flame.
  • CAUTION! A P-Tex candle burns very hot (>970 F); Severe burns can result if dripped on skin.
  • Hold the candle close to the base to reduce carbon formation (see below) from the burning process.
  • Use the metal scraper to catch any unwanted p-tex drips as you move to the damaged area.
  • Keep the candle spinning to reduce the build up of unsightly carbon that not only looks bad in the repair, but weakens the bond as well. If carbon does appear, dab it off on the metal scraper.
  • Take your time and let the p-tex flow into the gouges slowly. Going slowly will let the base preheat and accept the p-tex better.
  • If the p-tex continues to burn on the base, blow the flame out so the base does not overheat.
  • Deeper gouges should be filled in multiple passes, allowing each layer to cool before adding the next. Slightly overfill the gouges.
  • After repairs have cooled, remove excess material with a metal scraper. Sand with 320 grit sandpaper and the gray base pad (from the 3-pad set sold here).
  • To prevent carbon formation when using p-tex: The key is to maintain a blue flame (don't let it burn orange). There are more details found under Tuning Tips.
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