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Base Bevel File Guide SWIX Adjustable All Angles

Base Bevel File Guide SWIX Adjustable All Angles


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Swix Adjustable Aluminum Base Edge Guide for skis and snowboards. Delivers all the angles you need in one tool.

  • Angle adjustable from 0.5 degrees to 2.0 degrees in 0.05 degree increments.
  • Solid heavy duty aluminum construction with plastic guide adjustment.
  • Compatible with files 4+ inches long and a width no greater than 1 inch (25 mm).
  • Will accept files of varying thicknesses up to about 5 mm.
  • Bonus Benefit for this tool: If you don't know what base angle your ski/board is set to, this tool can help you find them. Before you start mark the base edge with a sharpie, start the tool at the lowest angle and see if it removes the marking on your edge. Raise the angle step-wise and repeat until it removes the mark. That is your angle! Record the angle for future reference.
  • Do not select 70 mm stones for this tool. Use with long metal files or the DMT (110 mm) and Moonflex (100 mm) diamond stones fit these guides.
Replacing the set screw is a rarity, but if needed pick up a 3/8” coarse thread at a hardware store.

Do not sharpen the base edge after initial bevel set-up as you will take away more edge material and create an over beveled base edge. Once your initial set-up is done the base edges should only be lightly polished to remove nicks and burrs.

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