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DMT Diamond Stone, 110 mm

DMT Diamond Stone, 110 mm


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DMT Diamond Stone, 110 mm x 25mm.


    • GREY (XX-Coarse)= offers metal removal in the shortest time - best for repairing edge damage (120 grit);
    • BLACK (X-Coarse)= offers best cutting action (220 grit);
    • BLUE (Coarse)= for routine edge maintenance and sharpening (325);
    • RED (Fine)= for deburring and edge polishing (600);
    • GREEN (X-fine)= for ultra smooth edge polishing (1200)
    • TAN (XX-fine)= for the most extreme polish and edge finish (8000)
  • DMT stones are made in the USA.
  • Use wet.
  • Use these 110-mm files for fixed angle edge tools and open-ended multi-tools.
  • Sold in bulk non-retail packaging.
  • DMT diamond offers an economical product that can manage the extreme hardness of ski and snowboard edges. They quickly remove even the super hard edge burrs that result from rock damage and man-made snow. The unique interrupted surface of recessed polka dots collects and removes the metal filings during the polishing process.

For optimum performance:

  • The diamond files should be used lubricated, spraying on a solution of 50% water and 50% denatured alcohol. In emergency, on the ski slope, the snow could be enough to keep them lubricated.
  • Create the edge with a file, then use the various grits in sequence for obtaining a mirror finish (220-325-600-1200-8000). Three or four passes of each grit, without exerting pressure, are enough to obtain a perfect result.
  • After use, clean the stone with the water-alcohol solution using a small bronze or nylon brush.
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    Posted by Benson Lin on Jun 13th 2020

    Its wonderful, I can feel the grit when I sharpen the knife strangely it seems to have more have more effect than the current green or 1200 grit, maybe it just needs to be worked in. But I love it.

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