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DMT Diamond Stone, 70 mm, Grey Gray 120 Grit

DMT Diamond Stone, 70 mm, Grey Gray 120 Grit


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Grey 120 Grit DMT Diamond Stone, 70 mm x 25mm.

  • DMT stones are made in the USA.
  • Use wet.
  • Use these 70-mm files for the multi-tuner or pocket tool sold here; specific angle edge tools are best used with longer (100+ mm) stones.
  • Sold in bulk non-retail packaging.
  • DMT diamond offers an economical product that can manage the extreme hardness of ski and snowboard edges. They quickly remove even the super hard edge burrs that result from rock damage and man-made snow. The unique interrupted surface of recessed polka dots collects and removes the metal filings during the polishing process.

Grit guide:

  • GREY (XX-Coarse)= offers serious metal removal in the shortest time (120 grit);
  • BLACK (X-Coarse)= offers best cutting action (220 grit);
  • BLUE (Coarse)= for routine edge maintenance and sharpening (325);
  • RED (Fine)= for deburring and edge polishing (600);
  • GREEN (X-fine)= for ultra smooth edge polishing (1200)

From the DMT diamond stone site:

  • These stones contain monocrystalline diamonds (as opposed to polycrystalline). The diamonds are uniformly sized and bonded to a nickel backing to provide a long lasting very flat surface.
  • We recommend water or a 50/50 water/alcohol mix on diamond stones for lubrication and to wash away the ground material.
  • Always rinse your stones with water after use. Water will remove the metal filings left on the surface that could rust. After rinsing we always recommend drying the stones thoroughly so they can be stored dry. If your diamond stone becomes dirty you can use a tooth brush and a household abrasive cleaner to clean up the stones.
  • The life of the diamond is a factor of how often you use your stone and how well you take care of it. Test the stone on the side of an old glass jar. Rub the stone against the glass to see if it leave scratches or frosts the glass. If you see evidence of scratches or frost, there is still diamond left on your stone that can be used for sharpening.
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