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RaceWax Ski RotoBrush 100 mm Axle Handle Shield

RaceWax Ski RotoBrush 100 mm Axle Handle Shield


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RaceWax Detachable Axle and Safety Shield/Handle for 100 mm Ski RotoBrushes

  • Rotobrush control handle/shield with detachable axle. For 100 mm roto brushes.
  • Changing brushes is literally a snap. Instead of loosening the drill chuck each time you need to change a brush, simply pull the axle from the handle, change the brush and snap it back in.
  • The main difference between this tool and others is that the axle is easily removable allowing a quick switch of brushes. Roto axles from some manufacturers like Toko and Red Creek are not detachable/removable.
  • Large ergonomic grip. Hexagon shaft rolls smoothly on sealed bearings. A spacer is included to offset the brush for wider skis.
  • Compatible with all RaceWax, SKS, Swix and Toko 100 mm rotobrushes. Though Swix brushes are compatible with the RaceWax axle, the snap-in fitting for a Swix axle will not fit into the RaceWax handle.
  • When removing wax with brushes, brush tip to tail, blowing/brushing the wax towards the tail.
  • Pictured brush is not included.
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