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RaceWax Pro Edge Kit Base Bevel + 3 Side Angles, File, Diamond, Gummi

RaceWax Pro Edge Kit Base Bevel + 3 Side Angles, File, Diamond, Gummi


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Everything you need to professionally sharpen ski and snowboard edges.

Top-quality side angle guide set and a base edge bevel tool bundled in a kit that includes a hard chrome metal file, a Swix diamond stone, a Swix deburring gummi stone, brass brush to clean your files, and ski brake retainers. Valued over $130 sold separately.

  • Set a precise side angle with hard-aluminum fixed angle guides for angles beginner/89 (1), intermediate/88 (2), advanced/87 (3) degrees.
  • Medium-cut 8 inch Viiala hard-chrome metal file.
  • BEAST 1.0 degree base bevel angle tool with a stainless elevation bar that tilts a file or stone to the desired angle for easy set-up and maintenance of base edges.
  • One Swix gray Gumi or Gummi Stone for prepping an edge, deburring as the final step in edge sharpening, or detuning.
  • Swix 400 grit yellow 100 mm diamond stone for routine edge maintenance and sharpening.
  • Spring Clamp for Files and Diamond Stones. Perfect for holding diamond files and stones on edge tools. Clamp is 4 inches in length and beefy for its size.
  • File cleaning brush for removing metal filings from grooves. Measures 3.25 x 0.6 x 0.4 inches.
  • Ski brake retainers: two large (color may vary) ski shop quality bands.
  • Links to video help.
  • Deluxe zippered storage case with the RaceWax logo included.
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