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RaceWax Pro Tune Ski Snowboard Wax Kit Plus Snowboard/Ski Combo Vise

RaceWax Pro Tune Ski Snowboard Wax Kit Plus Snowboard/Ski Combo Vise


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RaceWax Pro Tune Ski Snowboard Wax Kit with an all metal vise that does BOTH ski and snowboard tuning called the Vise President. Center black spacer allows skis to mount on edge at the correct height and is removable to accept the wider snowboard in the vertical position.

Professionally sharpen ski and snowboard edges with competition-level fixed angle guides.

  • A digital waxing iron with a built-in microprocessor. Heats quickly to deliver a working temperature range of 80 Degrees to 170 Degrees C (176 Degrees to 338 Degrees F). Double-thick dimpled/grooved baseplate that measures 4.13" x 5.75" (105 x 146 mm).120 volts and 850 watts, 60 Hz. North American model with standard plug.
  • Set of 3 steel plate aluminum side edge bevel guides. Angles 89 (1), 88 (2), 87 (3) degrees.
  • Base edge bevel guide, 1.0 degree
  • Spring clamp for files
  • Medium-cut 8 inch Viiala hard chrome metal file
  • Swix 400 grit yellow 100 mm diamond stone for routine edge maintenance and sharpening
  • Swix Gummi Stone for removing rust, prepping an edge, deburring and detuning
  • Swix blue/cold ski wax (-4 F to +14F) 60 g bar
  • Swix red/mid-range ski wax (+14 F to +36F) 60 g bar
  • 5 mm thick tough plexi wax scraper with classic orange RaceWax logo. 7 inches long and 2.2 inches high (175x55x5)
  • Three Brush Set: Brass brush for renewing base structure, opening pores before you wax, and brushing hard waxes; Nylon brush that is the workhorse of wax removal; Fine Horsehair brush for removing wax from the fine structure of your base. Approx. 3 in x 4.5 in.
  • Metal Scraper with vinyl storage sleeve
  • One Clear P-Tex 8 mm diameter, about 190 mm long
  • One Black P-Tex 8 mm diameter, about 190 mm long
  • Brass file cleaning brush
  • Two Large Brake Retainers
  • Large tool bag with an internal strap to secure wax iron and multiple storage pockets.
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    Great Snowboard Kit

    Posted by Anthony Bartman on Feb 15th 2021

    I ordered this kit for snowboard. It's well thought out and comes with all the essentials. All the items are high quality, which I expected for the price. The edge tuning tools are nice and give good feedback. Only has the 1 degree base file guide, but that seems like pretty much the standard these days. The waxing iron is top notch, just dial in the temp that the wax says to use. I found it does not turn off automatically, so don't forget to unplug it while you're letting the wax set. The vises are great as well, holds the board really solid in a flat, 45 or 90 degree angle, so you can put the pressure down when you need to. Only problem with the vise was that my countertops have a slightly raised radius edge, the vise couldn't sit flat and lost a lot of stability. I solved this by adding a small C-clamp to the rear of each vise clamp point. Now it is rock solid. All-in-all fantastic kit for me and likely for any discerning novice ski/snowboard tuner. Only disappointment was that it didn't come with the scuffing pads for p-tex repair, and only came with a single grit diamond stone. Still 5 star.

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