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RaceWax Race Ski Snowboard Tuning Kit

RaceWax Race Ski Snowboard Tuning Kit


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RaceWax Race Ski Snowboard Wax Tuning Kit.

Great intro to racing kit for racers and speed hounds! For those that want to customize, build out your race tune kit with this core set of tools - add brushes, iron, vise and wax to complete.

The edge tool is the last tool you will ever need, 20 different angles total!

  • Base-Side Bevel File Guide SKS Multi Tool. Dial a precise angle from 0-5 deg in 0.5 deg increments.
  • Two-sided metal file included with edge tool.
  • Blue Diamond Stone for routine edge maintenance and sharpening (medium grit);
  • Gumi or Gummi Stone, coarse gray, great for removing rust, prepping an edge, deburring and detuning.
  • Ski Wax Scraper with polished edges and a corner notch for edge cleaning. 5.5 in long x 2.25 in high;
  • Snowboard Wax Scraper with polished edges and a corner notch for edge cleaning. 9 inch x 2-3/8 scraper that is 4 mm thick;
  • Metal Scraper with vinyl storage sleeve;
  • One Clear P-Tex (8 mm diameter, about 190 mm long;
  • One Black P-Tex (8 mm diameter, about 190 mm long;
  • Brass file brush;
  • Two Large Brake Retainers (rubber ring w/ hinged hook handle);
  • all in a zippered Cordura pouch with lots of storage pockets.

Bonus Benefit for this kit: If you don't know what base and side angles your ski/board are set to, the high precision tool in this kit can help you find them. Before you start mark the metal edge with a sharpie, start the tool at the lowest angle and see if it removes the marking on your edge. Raise the angle step-wise and repeat until it removes the mark. That is your angle! Record the base/side angles for future reference.

Summary of common uses (see individual products for more detail):

  • edge tool sets angles for boards and skis
  • wax is rated for all conditions
  • wax scraper removes excess wax that slows skis
  • metal scraper and ptex are to repair base gouges
  • gummi stone is for edge rust removal, detuning, and burr removal
  • file brush used to keep files free of metal waste from edge work
  • brake retainer holds brake during edge tuning
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