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RaceWax Warm/Cold Hydrocarbon Ski Wax, 300 g, Two 150 g Bars

RaceWax Warm/Cold Hydrocarbon Ski Wax, 300 g, Two 150 g Bars


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Warm Temperature Hydrocarbon Wax, 150 g

  • for base cleaning/conditioning and/or non-racing applications.
  • Use the hot-wax-scrape method for cleaning/conditioning.

Cold Temperature Hydrocarbon Wax, 150 g

  • for non-racing applications.

Red/Warm wax for use above 25 F (-4 C).

Green/Cold wax for use below 25 F (-4 C).

Racers should never use chemical or citrus base cleaners on your skis or boards! It will slow them down.

Use the hot-scrape method to completely clean the base of old wax before you add new wax. The idea is to use warm/liquified wax to "wash out" the dirt and old wax.

  • Choose an inexpensive soft wax, the red (warm) hydrocarbon made here is ideal for this.
  • Drip on a coat of wax
  • Work tip to tail.
  • You want a warmer iron for this step so and scrape it off while it is still liquid. You should have a 8-12 inch trail of liquid wax behind the iron without overheating the base.
  • You can monitor the temperature by touching the top of the ski (which is now under the base); keep in mind that the thermal properties of skis (how well heat passes through from base to top) differs from ski-to-ski because the layers may have different thicknesses or materials.
  • Repeat waxing/scraping until the wax is clean.
  • Select a wax for the final wax/scrape that is closer to the temperature of your race wax; select a warm or cold version.
  • After your last scraping, brush tip to tail with a brass brush; the wax can be warm for this step.
  • See Tuning Tips from the top menu for more detailed information.
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    warm/cold base wax

    Posted by craig on Mar 15th 2019

    Tried these out on several skis, clean easy melt and tune. Worked great; changing conditions throughout day gave me chance to compare along with universal wax; all three performed clean for the given temp range. Clean easy hold bars; worked as advertised and at great price.

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