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Skimender RP105 Ski Snowboard PTex Base Repair Pistol

Skimender RP105 Ski Snowboard PTex Base Repair Pistol


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New Model/Design! Skimender RP105 Base Repair Pistol 100-240 V

  • This is a repair pistol for personal use; before use read all instructions (and tips here) and all safety info.
  • Best results are achieved when the base surface is rough and the base is pre-heated.
  • Simple to operate and capable of producing quality base repairs with good durability.
  • The RP105 uses the 11 mm ptex sticks; these are more durable than drip repair candles (do not use 8 mm candles or any other ptex type).
  • New feature on the RP105 is a on/off switch in the handle.
  • Includes a stand for your bench and (4) four-inch clear repair sticks.
  • Operating voltage between 100-240v. For other than the U.S. and Canada a plug adapter will be needed.

Product Use

  • Important! Allow the RP100 to heat-up to operating temperature, about 15-20 minutes. A repair stick should be in the pistol while it heats.
  • Important! Best results are achieved when the base surface is rough and the base is pre-heated.
  • Important! Extreme skin burns can result from contact with molten ptex or the pistol tip.
  • Ptex material should come out of the gun about the consistency of honey.
  • Gouges should be at least 3 mm deep for effective bonding, shallower gouges are better filled with P-Tex candles.
  • When the pistol is hot simply hold the tip over the gouge and lightly press the trigger, the P-Tex will begin to flow, press the molten P-Tex lightly into the gouge with the tip (always keep P-Tex between the tip and the base to avoid damaging the base) and proceed along the gouge until it is filled.
  • You need just enough P-Tex to fill the gouge.
  • Don't move too quickly, you want the tip to heat the base with a float of about 1mm of P-Tex in between so a good bond can form, nice and easy.
  • Allow the repair to cool completely before using a steel scraper to reduce and smooth the repair.
  • Always work from the center of the repair toward the ends to avoid accidentally pulling out the repair.
  • Be sure to work in a well ventilated space and/or use a respirator while ptexing.
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