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Swix Base-Side Dual Edger Ski Snowboard Tool with Metal File 9 Angles

Swix Base-Side Dual Edger Ski Snowboard Tool with Metal File 9 Angles


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Side and base edge bevel multi tool that includes a file. This one tool is all you need to sharpen and bevel your edges.

  • NOTE: 80 mm is the maximum length file or stone that will fit into this tool. 70- or 80-mm stones are recommended.
  • Dial a precise side angle from 0 degree to 5 degrees and 0.5 to 1.0 degree on the base. Nine angles total.
  • It is recommended that you set the edge bevels with the file and then replace the file with 70- or 80-mm diamond stones to maintain the sharpness; if you always use the metal file, you will wear away the edge. The blue 70-mm RaceWax stone or the yellow 80-mm Swix stone are good starters, a black RaceWax or red Swix are the next most used; add the whole set of grits if you are a racer.
  • Bonus Benefit for this tool: If you don't know what base and side angles your ski/board are set to, this tool can help you find them. Before you start mark the metal edge with a sharpie, start the tool at the lowest angle and see if it removes the marking on your edge. Raise the angle step-wise and repeat until it removes the mark. That is your angle! Record the base/side angles for future reference.
  • Detailed edge tuning instructions are located under Tuning Tips in the top menu.
  • A how-to video for this tool is in production.

Which edge tool? A multitool (side & base in one tool) or dedicated tools (one tool for each angle)?

  • Multitools are more convenient and simple to use. They provide precise results even for the novice. This is a great choice for the beginners and is a tool that will do everything a casual skier/boarder will need to do for a lifetime, and is a great choice for a family with skiers/boarders of different ages and sizes. A disadvantage is they can only use certain size stones (diamonds are not a problem, but a ceramic or Arkansas stone will not fit.
  • Fixed angle bevel guides are devices that tend to be dedicated to one angle (though there are some models with shims that are more flexible). It's advantage is that it can use any stone of any size. You have a greater feel for the cutting process with dedicated tools.

The amount of base edge bevel will affect the ability of the ski/board to pivot on the snow. The more base edge bevel, the easier it will be to pivot or slide from side to side. Once you set the base edge angle, you can't go back to the original because of the base material. If the skis hook up on turns, increase the bevel by a quarter or half degree.

Side edge beveling will give the skis more grip on the snow surface. Higher angles should be reserved for experienced skiers; if the angle is too high the ski can "rail out" on a less experienced racer. Typical angles are 1.0 to 3.0 degrees. Less angle equals less grip. Slalom angles can be 3.0 to 5.0 degrees; downhill up to 3.0 degrees. A racer should start at 3 degrees.

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