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Swix EVO Pro Edger Kit with Case and Two Discs


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Swix EVO Pro Edger Kit with Case and Two Discs

  • The ultimate edge tool with accessories! $650 if sold separately.
  • Easy dial-in edge angle settings from 85 and 90 degrees.
  • Includes: EVO power edger; Fine grit diamond disc; Power cord for 110 volts; Instruction booklet in multiple languages.
  • Diamond discs quickly exchanged with no tools required.
  • Power source is 110 volt. No batteries to recharge.
  • Includes (1) Fine Grit Diamond Disc and (1) Medium Grit Diamond Disc.
  • Watch the product video below for demo. Go to diamond disc product page for a video on disc selection.
  • Sidewall planing is recommended prior to use. Masks and eye protection are recommended.
  • Hard shell carry case and organizer for your precious Swix EVO edger.
  • Measures 16 x 13 x 3.5 inches.
  • Die-cut internal padding is custom-shaped to hold the Swix Evo Edger, Power Cords and 2 spare diamond discs.

Early Review from Ski Forum:

I have been using the Swix EVO power Edger for a month now. This thing so far is a TOTAL game changer. First affordable electric diamond side edger that works as well as the $1800 - $3000 shop models.

It has some neat features. Durable diamond grind wheel. Adjustable edge angle from 90 to 85 degrees. Plugs into 120 V AC, but power supply changes it to 18 V DC for the grinder motor. Compact and well balanced. Puts a freaking unbelievable sharp edge on, with minimal hanging burr. Easy to knock off burr with hard gummy to clean up base edge. Diamond wheel is spring loaded, and tool has built in stops, so you can not overgrind edge, unless you do something stupid like holding it in one spot. Keep it moving down the edge, and it takes off minimal metal, especially with the fine grit wheel.

If any of you are wondering why these power edgers make a sharper edge than anything you can do by hand, it is because they swipe across the edge, not along the length. Think about how a barber sharpens a straight razor.

Negatives: Makes grinding dust just like the big boys do. Play it safe and wear a mask. You can pick up a mask at any hardware store. Most of the grind residue is heavy (not like sawdust that floats around) so it falls directly on the tuning bench and can be wiped up with a damp rag. Use the same precautions as you would use with any power tool. Not as heavy duty as a Snowglide, but this was designed for personal or race family use, not all day shop use. Swix claims the average user can get several seasons out of one wheel. I have used it on at least 20 skis, and it appears that the wheel has minimal wear.

The coarse wheel would be used for initial edge set up or remove heavy rock damage. Everything else I would finish off with the fine. If your edge angle is set, and the sidewall pulled, you often only need one pass with the fine to get an incrediblly sharp edge. Check/remove the hanging burr, and you are done!

This is a game changer in two ways. One, you don't need a tool box full of different files, guides, or stones. If you have all 3 grit wheels, which take just a few seconds to change out, you could get away with just the grinder and a sidewall puller. Second, you can not duplicate the edge sharpness with hand tools no matter how hard you try and how long you take.

Don't worry about downward pressure. The disk shaft is spring loaded, so it will always exert the proper pressure for the diamond disk to contact the edge.

Find a way to hold it to maintain constant side pressure on the ski base. It doesn't matter if the ski base is facing away or towards you. Either way works for the grind. Find which base direction works best for you. Maintaining constant side pressure is critical to ensure that the edge angle stays consistent, just like with a hand guide.

Don't start the grinder until you have it set on the ski with solid pressure against the base. It is hard to line it up to the edge if it is running before you have it set against the ski. If you set the grinder against the ski first, then hit the power switch, it is super easy to use.

There is an arrow on the unit that shows the direction to move the grinder along the edge. The arrow also locates the edge of the wheel diameter. This makes it simple to locate on the edge where the grind will start. For example, if I am doing a tip to tail grind, I set the grinder against the base so the arrow is at the transition where the edge curves up to the tip. Once set, I hit the power switch, move along the ski at a steady rate, then let the grinder slip off the back of the ski where the edge curves around the tail. I then flip the ski and grind the second edge in the same way, except the travel is tail to tip.

Find a way to keep the low voltage power cord out of the way. At first, I was hanging it above the tuning bench, but I also found just wrapping it around one of your arms works just as well.

The EVO doesn't use diamonds in their grinding wheels. They use CBN (cubic boron nitride) a synthetic super abrasive developed by GE that is better than diamond for grinding hardened steel. It is just as hard as diamond, but doesn't transfer heat to the metal as it grinds. The CBN is an excellent heat absorber, so the wheel absorbs any heat from the grinding process. No need to wet the disc.

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    SWIX EVO Edge Tuner

    Posted by Clyde Zirbel on Nov 22nd 2017

    The Swix Evo Pro Edger works quite well. It's easy enough to operate and leaves the edge sharp. Be sure to practice using it on an old pair of skis before using it on your good skis as advised in the manual. Also be sure to plane your sidewall before sharpening with the Pro Edger for best results. In summary it is a quick way to sharpen your side edge, I prefer the very fine disc as most of my edges I have polished with diamond stones and they are very clean already although they get sharper quicker with the tool.

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