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Swix HF HFBW Black Wolf Ski Wax 40g

Swix HF HFBW Black Wolf Ski Wax 40g


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Swix HFBW Black Wolf High Fluoro Ski Wax Cera Nova 40g. These black waxes contain the BW-additive that reduces friction towards snow-crystals and has excellent wear and dirt resistance.

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  • HFBW4x is formulated specifically for the difficult waxing situations of high-humidity, coarse grained, dirty and/or cold man-made snow: -12C to -32C (10F to -26F).
  • HFBW5x fills a hardness gap between the 4 and 6 series while providing great durability and glide properties within its temperature range: -8 C / 18 F to -14 C / 7 F.
  • HFBW6x contains a combination of hard synthetic paraffins that have proven very effective at colder temperatures and abrasive man-made snow: -5 C / 23 F to -10 C / 14 F.
  • HFBW7x is one of the most widely used waxes in the Cera Nova System: -2 C / 28 F to -8 C / 18 F.
  • HFBW8x covers common winter temperatures: +4 C / 39 F to -4 C / 25 F.
  • HFBW10x will perform best in warm, high humidity conditions: 0C to +10C (32F to 50F).
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