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Swix Pro Top Speed Powder Ski Snowboard Wax TSP8 40g Fluoro Free

Swix Pro Top Speed Powder Ski Snowboard Wax TSP8 40g Fluoro Free


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Swix PRO Top Speed Powders (TSP) are easy (sprinkle on!), economical (lay down an even layer of the amount you need), and versatile (no iron? cork it in!).

Swix PRO Top Speed Powders (TSP) are great race powder overlays for competition that work well in fresh, old or man-made snow. TSP can be used as a race powder alone or as a base for topcoats. Note: It is important to have a good hot waxing iron to get an efficient melting of the powder.

This wax line is part of Swix's fluoro-free racing glide wax system and is based on new speed additives that conform to their global sustainability strategy. Environmentally friendly and fit for racing and performance-oriented training. They follow the traditional color and number logic for wax selection.

TS08B Red -4C to +4C (25F to 39F): TSP8 has a racing formula that makes it perfect for conditions on both sides of the freezing point. Recommended iron temperature setting of 160C (320F). Use caution - keep iron moving!

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