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Swix Racing Pro Diamond Stone Fine 70mm TAA600SN White

Swix Racing Pro Diamond Stone Fine 70mm TAA600SN White


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Swix Racing Pro Diamond Stone Fine 600 grit for deburring and edge polishing.

These high-quality 70 mm stones fit all multi angle edgers, e.g., SKS/FK-Tools Multi-Tuner.

Swix Racing Pro Diamond Stone. Diamond Stone Selection Guide:

  • BLACK= X-Coarse 100 grit - offers best cutting action - best for edge repair
  • RED= Coarse 200 grit - light cutting to reestablish the edge bevel
  • YELLOW= Medium 400 grit - for routine edge maintenance and sharpening (With the red, one of two critical stones in the diamond series. Great for a sharp smooth edge.)
  • WHITE= Fine 600 grit - for deburring and edge polishing.
  • BLUE= X-Fine 1000 grit - for ultra smooth edge polishing.

Care and use of diamond stones:

  • The diamond files should be used lubricated, spraying on a solution of 50% water and 50% denatured alcohol. In emergency, on the ski slope, the snow could be enough to keep them lubricated.
  • Create the edge with the 100 grit (black) using then the various grits in sequence for obtaining a mirror finish (200-400-600-1500). Three or four passes of each grit, without exerting pressure, are enough to obtain a perfect result.
  • After use, clean the stone with the water-alcohol solution using a small bronze or nylon brush.
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