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Swix Ski Poles Junior Racing World Cup Pro SL Slalom JA105 110 cm

Swix Ski Poles Junior Racing World Cup Pro SL Slalom JA105 110 cm


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Swix Ski Poles Junior Racing World Cup Pro SL Slalom

Junior slalom pole in the best aluminum alloy withstanding rough usage in slopes and gates. Comes with DD5 handle with Swix Add tab and small racing baskets just as the poles for big guys. Diameters & lengths: Handle 16 mm, ferrule 10 mm. 95 cm - 115 cm. 5 cm interval.

  • Junior slalom pole in the best aluminum alloy.
  • Competition and recreational skiing
  • Ergonomic handle

Selection Guide

Recreational Ski Poles

  • There are many different features that are built into a ski pole, but the most important is the sizing. Poles are made in 2 inch or 5 centimeter increments depending on the company.
  • To measure for the proper ski pole length, grab a pole and flip it upside down. In a fist, clench the pole just below the basket (the round, plastic or rubber piece). Your forearm should be parallel to the floor, resulting in your arm making a 90 degree angle at your elbow. Keep in mind that more experienced skiers should err on the larger side of these ranges.
  • Next decide what material you would like. Poles are made of aluminum or carbon fiber (or a combination of the two). Carbon fiber is lighter and more fragile while aluminum is heavier and stronger. If you are an intermediate or a beginner, you should go for the aluminum poles as they are much harder to break. Advanced and expert skiers prefer lighter carbon fiber poles because they allow the skier to pole plant more aggressively.

Racing Ski Poles

  • Ski Racers require different types of poles for different events:
    • On slalom poles a guard is placed over the grip to allow the racer to block gates. Slalom poles are normally straight and have flat baskets just like a recreational pair of poles.
    • Bent poles are used in Giant Slalom, Super-G, and Downhill to allow the racer to tuck easily. The poles bend around the racers trunk to prevent the pole from hitting the gates as they pass. Most companies make giant slalom poles and downhill poles; the difference is that the downhill poles have more bend. These poles also normally have cone baskets to reduce air resistance and to ensure that the baskets don’t fly off when they hit gates.
  • For most young racers, 2 pairs of poles are not necessary even if you need guards.
  • Racers may prefer different sized poles. Generally slalom poles should be sized in accordance with the guidelines above. GS poles are normally a size larger and DH poles a size larger than that.
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