These codes, when published, are good for short term sales only. If you are a member of a team or club and would like to enjoy a year-round discount code, please contact us at - we will ask:
  • to have a team/club representative contact us;
  • to put a link to on your team/club web site if possible;
  • to distribute the code to team/club members;
  • that you not publish your code on a web page.


Read this entire page before attempting to use the code or it may not apply correctly

About Codes:
  • Codes are best applied in the shopping cart BEFORE you click the green checkout button (or PayPal Express). After you click checkout there is no place to enter the codes. You will need to go back to the cart and start again.
  • Free shipping (domestic only) is triggered by the amount in your cart. It must be $35 or more. Note that if you place an item in your cart for an amount within the discount range then apply the discount, the cart will add postage.
  • Example - a $37 item is entered into the cart and shows free shipping, then a discount of 10% is applied through a code that changes the total to $33. The cart will add shipping charges because the order total is under $35. To get free shipping again, items must be added such that the total is $35 or greater.
  • To get advanced notice of major sale events, go to our home page and add your name and email to our mailing list (we only send a few per year) or follow us on Facebook/Twitter.
  • Codes will be posted when sales are in effect.
  • One discount code per order.


Remember to read the rules about using codes (above)

Currently active codes:
  • Enter code 10P to receive 10% off your entire order.
  • Enter code 10499 to receive $5 off 1 bulk 180 gm bar (FA-2438) of Swix LF8 low fluoro ski wax.
  • Enter code 76448 to receive $1 off each large bar of RaceWax Universal wax (PB-1030).
  • Enter code 10440 to receive $3 off one Toko Ergo Multi Angle Edge Tuner (RA-3510).