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Snowboard Tuning Kits with Irons

All kits are stocked with tools for both skis and snowboards. Which kit to choose?

  • For a direct item-by-item comparison of kit contents, view our Choosing Tuning Kits page.
  • The entry level EZ-Tune or Quick kits have a tool that will do two angles on the side edge (the primary side that one sharpens from).
  • The next level Carver or FreeRide kits has an edge tool that does base and side work and offers the most commonly used angles for tuning.
  • The highest tiers of kits (Complete, Deluxe, Race or Podium) have a multi angle edge tool that does every angle imaginable for base and side - 20 different angles! It allows you to find your current angles and maintain them.


Kits with vises in this section are best for those who tune primarily snowboards, but may wish to tune skis on occasion.

  • If you tune skis in addition to snowboards, no additional purchase is necessary; the KUU vise will do both skis and boards.
  • If you tune primarily skis and the occasional snowboard, the kits in the Ski Kits with Irons category are a better choice.


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