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Discounts Discount Sale Coupon Codes

These codes, when published, are good for short term sales only. If you are a member of a team or club and would like to enjoy a year-round discount code, please contact us at - we will ask:

  • to have a team/club representative contact us;
  • to put a link to on your team/club web site if possible;
  • to distribute the code to team/club members;
  • that you not publish your code on a web page.

About Codes:

  • Free shipping (domestic only) is triggered by the amount in your cart. It must be $50 or more. Note that if you place an item in your cart for an amount within the discount range then apply the discount, the cart will add postage.
  • Example - a $54 item is entered into the cart and shows free shipping, then a discount of 10% is applied through a code that changes the total to $49. The cart will add shipping charges because the order total is under $50. To get free shipping again, items must be added such that the total is $50 or greater.
  • To get advanced notice of major sale events, go to our home page and add your name and email to our mailing list (we only send a few per year) or follow us on Facebook/Twitter.
  • Codes will be posted when sales are in effect.
  • One discount code per order.

Active codes:

  • Enter code 10P (1-zero-P) to receive 10% off your entire order.
  • Enter code 16CFLX to receive $1 off one 150 gram bar of RaceWax Universal Ski Wax (PB-1030).
  • Enter code 17500 to receive $40 off one Swix EVO Power Edger (PC-7500).
  • Enter code 16000 to receive $5 off one RaceWax Digital Ski Wax Iron (PA-6000).


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