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Our feedback from happy customers worldwide:

2020: Hi there RaceWax, my son looked in my just received open box of RaceWax supplies and saw the hand written note and said, "wow, so they always include a hand written note", I said "yep, it's a differentiator". Also love that everything is wrapped and the contents are neatly packed so that everything arrives safe. I will not order skiing wax or tuning equipment/supplies from anyone else.
Signed: Customer for life.

2019: Just wanted to share how impressed I am with not only your products, but your team. Just received my order and everything is packed so well. Also love the hand-written thank you on the packing list. You run an awesome business, look forward to my next order with you!

2018: I want to thank you once again for providing a great product, our men's and women's teams won conference championships and did very well at the invitationals that we attended this season on your wax. My daughter has been on your wax for years and capped off her season finishing 3rd in GS at the State Finals. She didn't finish below third all season in GS, no matter what the conditions were your products and wax wizard made a big part her sucess.

2018: Wow! Just used RaceWax Microfiber powder in my first race yesterday and bam on the podium with a win! I am very impressed with how great this affordable overlay worked and thank you to Marc on his advice using it and thanks for making it! I will recommend you guys to my teammates and I won't tell my competition about it! Awesome stuff!

2018: My daughter raced an event race and won the women’s division in GS by 2.34 seconds on your wax. Our High School team is having a great season so far and are looking forward to Regionals.

2017: Kyle Orsburn said: "I qualified to compete in the Copper USASA Nationals SBX, qualified for finals, and took home the gold! All using every single tool and wax from RaceWax"

Kyle Orsburn 2017 SBX National Champion sponsored by RaceWax

2017: Last year, our men's race team made it to the state finals for the first time in its 23 year history. We tune and wax with RaceWax products and kick butt on the hill. Thanks for all that you do for us.

2017: Thanks for moving RaceWax to Massachusetts!  We welcome you and hope you thrive.  From a longtime RaceWax customer in Western Mass.  Your  moly flouromax wax is the best thing I have found for our conditions up here.  Lasts long and works fantastic.

2017: Each of my kids finished 1st place in the platinum age divisions for the third year in a row. (I'd like to thank the RaceWax products for part of that.)

2017: At the Grayling Invitational my daughter took first in GS against the defending Michigan State Championship team and two of the Midwest's best USSA racers on their home hill. So far she has been tearing up the hill and has really placed well (nothing below 4 at our invitationals) and I think your wax gives her an edge that some of the other skiers don't have. Thanks for a great product and service.

2017 Feedback:
Hi Guys,
Order arrived this morning …… across the other side of the planet in a week …… BRILLIANT!!!
Fantastic service ….. thanks so much
Best regards from Australia

15/16: My son won the U14 Piches GS. First place both runs. Also came in second in the slalom. Used RaceWax Moly Hybrid. Great wax!

15/16: Isabella Gomez won 2nd place US Open Junior Jam - Nice!
Isabella Gomez 2nd place US Open Junior Jam

15/16: Just wanted to let you know that my daughter Samantha (Solak) ended up achieving All-State at our Michigan High School State Ski Championships this past weekend at Marquette Mountain. Thanks to you and the Racewax team for your product availability, personal service with quick turnarounds.

15/16: Rising Liberty star Omar Boukhriss on his way to the podium at Piche
Omar Boukhriss at Piche

15/16: Congratulations to Liberty star Aaron Jacobson for his 8th place podium in GS at USSA Eastern Finals PA Cup series. Aaron came in 2nd overall in PA Cup.

15/16: From Nordic enthusiast -
I wish I had discovered fluoro powders sooner. I had mistakenly assumed that they were just for racers. Boy was I wrong! I took advantage of your much more reasonable pricing compared to some of the bigger name alternatives to try them out on one of my daily skate routes. Under poor trail conditions with less than ideal wind I just shaved 15s/kilometer off my best previous time recorded under perfect conditions. It was at least 30s/kilometer faster that I would have done without the fluoro. And that was without even trying! Now I can't wait to get out under better trail conditions to see what I can do when I really push.

I wasn't sure really what to expect so I ordered your smaller sample kit. But after experiencing this kind of magic at the prices you are offering I'll never go out without it again, even on just casual training loops. When this order runs out I'm going to be picking up the larger kit to always have some on hand. This stuff is simply too good to use only for competition.

Thank you very much for exposing me to an absolutely wonderful and transformative product.

15/16: Congratulations to RaceWax rising star Isabella Gomez!
Isabella Gomez (National Champion)
Isabella Gomez on the national snowboard championship podium

Griffin MacFadyen (USA) RaceWax Star!

14/15: Congratulations to long-time RaceWax favorite Katie Wilson! She has been competing in NORAM and FIS snowboard cross events this season and has qualified as one of the top 3 juniors in the United States to represent the US at the Junior World Snowboard Championships in China!!!

Katie Wilson (USA Junior World Snowboarder)
Katie Wilson on the national snowboard championship podium

14/15: We have had a very, very warm March here in eastern Canada with ambient temperatures reaching 9C today at the local training hill. Well all I have to say is that in these warm conditions, your FlouroMax Molybdenum warm has been MONEY! My skis have been flying!

14/15: Results at Sun Cup DH 2015 (premier Speed event in the Northwest) with Race Wax overlay: 2- 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place!

14/15: Elizabeth is off to U16 Rocky/Central championships - your wax has helped!

Gabriel de Varennes (Canada)
Gabriel de Varennes Canadian Ski Champ

14/15: Gabriel de Varennes Canadian vice-champion provincial U16 2015! Bravo!

14/15: My son had some success with your magic powder! On the podium (3rd) in Super G at Mammoth.

14/15: Kids are having a great season, one with a lot of podiums, so thank you so much for your help!!!!

14/15: Took Gold in both Races. I believe the wax helped, aside from some of the rider skill, my son just plain pulled away.
Hey, two more Gold medals from last weekend.
Another 2 Golds, that makes 6 and ends the regular season, you definitely a part of it (winning the medals).

14/15: The Flouromax moly made my day! I used cold and it warmed up unexpectedly to -3C, my skis flew. I don't think I have ever had a faster wax

Isabella Gomez (USA)
Isabella Gomez snowboard racer

13/14: Congratulations to Isabella Gomez! USASA Local Qualifiers: 1st place in all events and at USASA Nationals in Copper Mountain, Colorado, got 2nd place overall in the 12-13 year old group!

13/14: Griffen had a great finish to the year. At Nationals, he took 1st - Pipe AND Slopestyle, 2nd in Boardercross despite a fall in the final race, and the Overall National Champion title. Wow!
Invited to join the Mount Snow Carinthia Parks AM Team as their youngest member ever at 11!
And, he started a non-profit drive, raising over $2,000 to help injured winter sports athletes for the High Fives Foundation ( A completely amazing year and Racewax was an important part of that success since Griffin rode racewax waxes every day from the beginning to the end of his season.

Ty Ellis (USA)
PNSA U16 SG Champion 2014

13/14: I absolutely guarantee almost half the guys I raced are faster than me, but your fluoro (which I had stockpiled quite a bit of) on our tuck course is incredible. I caught a little hell for sharing with our pacesetter - jokingly, of course.
PA State Champ in GS Males 50-54 by 1 full sec.

13/14: I have been using your products for years as I coach a Junior Development Race Team and now a high school race team of independents. In addition, I am a proud papa of a 14 year old female racer who has benefited by ALWAYS skiing on freshly tuned skis waxed with Dr. D's.

13/14: You can also now list Ty as PNSA U16 SG Champion 2014
Last week in a 9 day series of 7 races, Ty scored 7 podium finishes: 3- 1st; 1- 2nd; and 3- 3rd at the u16 level! The Hybrid waxes remain our standard for race day performance.

Katie Wilson (USA)
Katie Wilson on the national snowboard championship podium
13/14: Congratulations to Katie Wilson in summer training to be a future Olympian!

13/14: Ed (Shred) is a 11 yr. old two time National Champion snowboarder who hails from Ridgewood, NJ. He won first place, in his age group, in both 2012 and 2013 at the United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA) National Championships in Giant Slalom He also took home a silver (2012) and bronze (2013) medal in the slalom event the same years. These are just some of his most recent wins out of 39 events in a career that started when he was 5 years old. He competes in Parallel Slalom and Parallel Giant Slalom events. A big thanks to for helping us get there. Shred uses the Advanced Racing Wax T Series. The wax is easy to apply, the crayon method is a very efficient method of application, and the wax gets the desired results. Also, a big thumbs up on the Customer Service Team, you guys are also available to answer questions and offer advice, for someone who is a novice at wax/tuning applications, it is extremely helpful to have that level of service available.
Shred marks the next generation of alpine snowboard riders, he hopes to compete at the World Cup level and represent the United States in the Olympics someday.

Ed Shred (USA)
Ed Shred on the national snowboard championship podium

13/14: Congratulations to local Liberty Race Team star Aaron Jacobson for making the PA state team for u21/u18! (on RaceWax wax)

13/14: Gabriel de Varennes, from Stoneham Ski Club near Quebec city… Won by 3 seconds the 1st GS of the season… Using Racewax …
Gabriel de Varennes (Canada)
Gabriel de Varennes' medal run

13/14: Midwest High School Boardercross race results from a proud Dad that waxed with RaceWax Hybrid X4, Nano powder & Swix Rocket spray:
"My son was 3rd (was in 1st, back edge taken out by 2nd) 1st and 1st and posted the second fastest time of the night. My daughter was 1st, 1st, 1st."

13/14: Another happy customer -- "Thank You racewax! X4 H4 Flouro powder & Swix HVC were the winning combination today! Swept GS SL & Combined!"
Brian McCann (USA)
Brian McCann's impressive medal sweep

13/14: in a 9 day series of 7 races, Ty Ellis scored 7 podium finishes: 3- 1st; 1- 2nd; and 3- 3rd at the u16 level! The RaceWax Hybrid waxes remain our standard for race day performance.
Ty Ellis in first place by 2 seconds and first overall Ty Ellis in First Place

2012: My daughter made the Junior Olympic Team with RaceWax Hybrid wax

2012: de Varennes of Canada won another gold medal using RaceWax hybrid wax; he won his first gold medal in his first year in the K1 category (11-12 years old)

Jason Eckard Appalachian Champ ::: de Varennes, Canada, in training Jason Eckard in First Place and de Varennes of Canada

2012: Scott (Moline) made semi-finals in all three Dew Tour Halfpipe events.

Cameron McGregor, Jozo Weider Racing in Ontario, K1(J4)Individual - 1st Place Cameron McGregor in First Place

2012: Got your wax on Thursday & tried it for the first time this weekend and it was my son's first time on the podium!

Raging Buffalo Team - Future Olympians!
Raging Buffalo Team

2012: As a High School Ski Coach we always tell our kids about where we get our wax products. You can count on me telling them about I just placed an order last Wednesday, got it on Friday and used it for my daughter's CUSSA race on Saturday. You guys are awesome!! I really appreciate your quick service and the Dr D's (Nano and Microfiber) powders work great.

FEATURED: Willi Wiltz (wax guru for Tommy Moe) worked with the legendary snowboarder Shaun Palmer in his 2006 Olympic bid, here is what Willi wrote about RaceWax:
  • It seems as though you are on to something! Tested both the Hybrid and the MicroFiber overlay here in Austria and found they worked extremely well, and went with it in the World Cup. Shaun Palmer was second and I wanted to let you know that you were a big part of our results.

2011: J3 Racers from Liberty Mountain Race Team did very well at Derbies where 3 out of 5 made the State Team (all on RaceWax waxes).

2011: We just returned from the British Columbia provincial SG K2. Our coach put some RaceWax "wicked wax" on at the start gate. Our girls were 1, 2, and 10. Boys were 4, 6.

2011: I've now won 12 individual National events on your waxes, 7 slopestyle and 4 boardercross, plus multiple podiums from my riders on your waxes.

2011: (Nordic racer) I won the Swedish Men's master for 45 year olds.

2011: (from 50+ year old Nordic racer) the wax worked well....I managed to be third person in overall...second woman in my short race..(of course they were in their 20's)

2011: 1st race of the year, won by over 6 seconds!

Scott Moline (USA) ::: at O'Neill Evolution 2011, Switzerland ::: at Dew Tour
Scott Moline on world tour
(left) Scott Moline uses RaceWax Moly Hybrid fluoro wax and was first (and had 2nd best score) in Heat 2 on Jan. 6 in Switzerland 2011; (center) on the Dew Tour (2010); on the podium #1 in the Men's Pipe Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals at Mt. Snow VT (2010).

2010: Ty (pictured below) was the top 1st year j-4 in the Northwest this year- winning some RUNS by up to 1.8 seconds- even over kids a year older! Our skis just get faster and faster as I learn more about how to use your waxes.

2010: Wesley (pictured below) races as a J5 and is 9 years old. His timing during races was not as expected. We didn't know whether it was the poor prep of the skis or he was too conservative. On March 6 at the Mt.Hood Meadows GS Championship he won both runs with a significant advance of close to two seconds. His timing was also better than that of the first placed J4 racer. This day the coach treated Wesley's skis with X5 Molybdenum Hybrid Wax and F2 Fluoropowder from He won the race. Thank you for the good products that make the crucial difference for the racers.

2010: Stephan (pictured below) won the speed trap race at 63.4 MPH. H4 base with Moly corked in and F2 on top. Just like the wax wizard ordered.

2010: My daughter made the NY Junior Olympic team!

2010: We had our championship race (in MN) last weekend and my 7 year old placed 1st and my 10 year old placed 2nd in their age groups.

2010: Elyse Burandt (see her photo below) won all 4 GS runs @ Schweitzer, Idaho. She even beat all the boys, every run. She is a USSA racer J-4. Last year she was ranked #1 for her age in the PNSA division. Over the 5 years, Elyse has only waxed with Dr. D's Race wax. Her skis literally ...have never been waxed with any of the other major brands.

2010: Thought I would send you some feedback on your wax for Nordic racing. Great stuff! I had better glide than the guys who used the Toko HF and Jetsteam that was recommended at the Koenig Ludwig Lauf! (Germany)

2010: The wax is great! I am pulling my usual riding partners on the flats….they all ride longer boards and I have always struggled to keep up on the flats using other waxes. The only thing that has changed is your wax. (Oregon)

Elyse Burandt (below) winning the EEYSL USSA J-4GS on 02/07/2010

Elyse Burant (USA) ::: Ski Team (USA)
Elyse Burandt and Ski Team
The team is, Back row, left to right: Brian Florek, Cole Alpaugh; Middle row, l to r: Art Menichini, Bob Lett; Front row, l to r: CJ Tyrell, Andrea Prokop, Chris Nattress, Mike Berger (check out

2010: With first place finishes in 2008 and 2009, the team is currently in first place looking to threepeat!

2010: Greta Small, International FIS race Andorra, 1st in Super G, 2nd in GS. See photo below of Greta with her prize, a drum of 1,000 Chupa Chups!

Scott Moline (USA) ::: Greta Small (Europe/Australia)
Scott Moline and Greta Small

2010: Some feedback on my recent nordic race. I hot scraped, used two coats of hybrid H1, and had my fastest time ever (age 56), very fast skis and pretty good engine. (Michigan)

2010: My daughter just won the 1st race of the year. She not only won her age group as a J-5 she was the fastest girl in the entire race that included J-6 and J-4 (J4s are 11 and 12). Her time was 31.64 the closest girl to her was 32.98 which is an eternity in ski racing. The H1 worked great! (Vermont)

one of the girls I coach used your fluoro for the first time and the results were her first 2 wins ever... the 1st by 3 seconds! (Oregon)

with 5 races to go. 6 races, 6 podiums... (Washington)

Fedya Myagkov (USA) ::: Ty Ellis (USA) ::: Greta Small (Australia)
Fedya Myagkov and Ty Ellis and Greta Small

In first place by 5 seconds! (Oregon)

My daughter placed state 2nd in her first year racing; This year she is the (Australian) national champion in her age group.

Greta Small (Australia) ::: Alicia Riley (USA)
Greta Small and Alicia Riley

My son was consistently in 9th or 10th place until we tried your fluoro wax, now he is on the podium!

My daughter sported to Switzerland (she was selected with 24 others to a training Camp in Saas Fe), as well as to Mont Tremblant for a week, to the NYSSRA Elite Camp in Whiteface, and she did a Flex Term at the SMS Ski Academy and she has already been offered a spot (1 of 15-18) at an Elite Camp in New Zealand this summer (they will be right in with the World Cup teams). This year (2007) has been skiing incredible! Winning events by 3, 4 and,even 7 seconds … even over the men!

Katie Wilson (USA) ::: Stephan Splitstoser (USA)
Katie Wilson and Stephan Splitstoser

From Norway: Your Moly Hybrid Wax and your F2 and Nano powder works very good. In Holmenkollen race today, my son had the highest speed. His skating skis works also very good. I tested the Nano powder last week (dry snow -6 C) and his skis was among the best.

From Canada: My son has been on the podium all year and last weekend took first out of 100+ racers

Tyler Filling (USA) ::: Elisabeth (Youth Biathlon Gold Medal)
Tyler Filling and Elisabeth (Youth Biathlon Gold Medal Winner)

Congrats to the North Tahoe HS Snowboard Team for placing 2nd in the state on DrD's

Congrats to Ariel Bailey PA Governor's Cup winner #1 female skier!

From Switzerland: My skis have given me performance like never before... the hydrocarbon wax is relegated to base cleaning duties and the Racewax is used every time. The crayon-on method of application means that I use far less wax, scraping is easier and I can services my skis quicker. Thanks again for producing a great product and offering great customer service....I'll be back for more.

Robert Craft (USA) ::: Christian (Nordic Racer, Norway)
Robert Craft and Christian (Nordic Racer, Norway)

From United Kingdom: Just thought I would say a big thanks, I walked away with a gold and best unsponsored rider award at the weekend, helped by your products and advice, thanks again.

Got first overall male in the ISSA race series using Nano Fluoro overlays. In one slalom race, I was going so fast I thought I would not make it through the course! Thanks! I love this stuff.

I used your T2wax w/microfiber overlay on properly prepared skis for the first time last weekend and recorded my first sub 10 handicap (I'm usually a low 12).

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