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RaceWax Digital Elite Ski Snowboard Tuning Kit: Complete Edge-Base Tools, Wax, Iron - (FD-1000)

RaceWax Digital Elite Ski Snowboard Tuning Kit: Complete Edge-Base Tools, Wax, Iron - (FD-1000)


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RaceWax Elite Ski Snowboard Wax Tuning Kit developed in partnership with Swix.

Professionally sharpen ski and snowboard edges with the Swix base-side angle edge tool.

  • A digital waxing iron with a digital readout that will continuously display the current operating temperature.. Heats quickly to deliver a working temperature range of 80 Degrees to 170 Degrees C (176 Degrees to 338 Degrees F). Double-thick dimpled/grooved baseplate that measures 4.13" x 5.75" (105 x 146 mm).120 volts and 850 watts, 60 Hz. North American model with standard plug.
  • Swix Base-Side Dual Edge Tool. Dial a precise side angle from 0 degree to 5 degrees and base angle of 0.5 to 1.0 degree. Nine angles total.
  • High-quality Swiss-made ICECUT metal file included, 80 mm.
  • Swix medium 400 grit diamond stone for edge sharpening; 80 mm is the max stone length for the tool.
  • Swix gummi stone great for removing rust, prepping an edge, deburring and detuning;
  • Two 60 g bars Swix Wax - 1 Red/Warm mid-range temp 14F to 36F (-10C to +2C) - 1 Blue/Cold temp -4F to 14F (-20C to -10C);
  • 5 mm thick tough plexi wax scraper with classic orange RaceWax logo. 7 inches long and 2.2 inches high (175x55x5);
  • Three Brush Set: Brass brush for renewing base structure, opening pores before you wax, and brushing hard waxes; Nylon brush that is the workhorse of wax removal; Fine Horsehair brush for removing wax from the fine structure of your base. Approx. 3 in x 4.5 in.;
  • Metal Scraper with vinyl storage sleeve;
  • One Clear P-Tex (8 mm diameter, about 190 mm long;
  • One Black P-Tex (8 mm diameter, about 190 mm long;
  • Brass file cleaning brush;
  • Two Large Brake Retainers (color may vary);
  • Large (approximately 12" x 8" x 6.5") double-zippered Cordura tool bag.
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