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Choosing Tuning Kits

Kit content comparison for RaceWax Ski or Snowboard Tuning Kit
About RaceWax kits:
  • We have completely revamped our kits for 2020.
  • All kits contain the essentials for tuning both skis and snowboards. You no longer have to choose one or the other; all kits do both.
  • There are two kit configurations:
    • A large size bag with a comprehensive set of tools and accessories, including a wax iron, edge tools, wax, and base repair (the kits can be further configured with a ski or snowboard vise).
    • Specialized kit combinations that focus on a particular aspect of tuning (e.g., edges, wax removal, base repair, etc.).
  • The major differences in kit functionality centers around the edge tools and brushes. Here is a quick comparison:
    • Universal kits have an easy to use basic tool that sets and sharpens the side edge at the angles most commonly used for ski/snowboard; a buffing pad is included for wax removal. The tool in this kit (as well as the Diamond kit) is the best tool for wavy-edged boards made by LibTech and MagneTraction.
    • Diamond kits has the same side-edge-only edge tool as above in the Universal kit but also includes a diamond stone for routine sharpening; for wax removal a full-size nylon brush is included.
    • Elite and Elite-Digital kits have an edge tool that will set and sharpen the both the base edge and side edges to a total of 9 different angles with high precision, and includes a diamond stone, as well as a full set of three wax brushes. The Digital kit has all the same tools and supplies, the difference being that the iron has a digital readout.
    • Pro kits are most similar in content to the Digital kit above with the exception that they replace the all-in-one multi-angle edger with a set of traditional fixed angle edge tools. This kit is a good choice for those expecting to expand their tool kits beyond common recreational use.
What do the tools do?
  • edge tool sets angles for boards and skis
  • diamond stone is used to maintain edge sharpness weekly without wearing down your edges
  • wax scraper removes excess wax to improve glide
  • metal scraper and ptex are to repair base gouges
  • gummi stone is for edge rust removal, detuning, and burr removal
  • file brush used to keep files free of metal waste from edge work
  • brake retainer holds the ski brake during edge tuning
Tool kits with irons (will tune both skis and boards)
Item Description Universal     Diamond     Elite     Digital     Pro      
RaceWax Digital Wax Iron                   X     X      
RaceWax Wax Iron X     X     X                  
Side Only Edger (2 angles) X     X                        
Base & Side Edger (9 angles)             X     X            
Metal File for Edger X     X     X     X     X      
Clear Plexi Wax Scraper  X     X     X     X     X      
Two Ptex rods (black/clear) X     X     X     X     X      
Metal Base Repair Scraper X     X     X     X     X      
Brass File Cleaning Brush X     X     X     X     X      
Gummi Edge Stone X     X     X     X     X      
Diamond Stone       X     X     X     X      
3 Brush Kit: Brass/Nylon/Horsehair             X     X     X      
Nylon Wax Brush       X                        
Wax Buffing Pad X                              
2 Brake Retainers X     X     X     X     X      
Swix Universal Wax (60 grams) X     X                        
Swix Red Wax (60 g - Warm)             X     X     X      
Swix Blue Wax (60 g - Cold)             X     X     X      
Large Bag with Handles/Pockets X     X     X     X     X      
89 Deg Side Edge Guide                         X      
88 Deg Side Edge Guide                         X      
87 Deg Side Edge Guide                         X      
1.0 Deg Base Edge Guide                         X      
File Clamp                         X      


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