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Powder Application

Applying Powder Overlays

  • Sprinkle an even layer of powder overlay on the base.
  • Spread it evenly with a cork (lightly).
  • NOTE: A synthetic cork generates more heat than a natural cork and is better for working overlays.
  • Plan to work in sections of the base, one area at a time, and use small amounts of powder (overloading leads to clumping).
  • Work the powder into the base with a cork in stages. Increase the pressure in each stage.
  • In the last stage, use sufficient pressure so as to generate heat.
  • Use the horsehair brush lightly to work the overlay into the structure.
  • Brush out excess fluoro:
  • Use 10 firm strokes of the nylon brush to remove excess overlay.
  • Use 10 firm strokes of the horsehair brush to remove excess overlay further.
  • If you use the horsehair brush for overlays, depending on your level of competition it is recommended that you use it exclusively for this, and not use it for other purposes.
  • Polish with a polishing cloth, 18 mm horsehair brush or felt block.
  • Let the skis cool, then polish as needed with the cloth or felt block.

Corks and polishing cloths can be purchased here.



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