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Wax Charts

RaceWax Wax Wizard

The wizard is no longer operational now that RaceWax has ceased wax making. Refer to the charts below for wax selection.

Wet or Dry Snow? Select Wet if you can make a snowball.

New or Old Snow? Select New if there is fresh fallen or man-made snow.



  • Wax for the slowest section of the race course; if exposed to strong/cold wind or shade, wax colder. If temperatures are expected to change through the day, select the coldest.
  • Use the hot-scrape method to completely clean the base of old wax before you add new wax.
  • Fluoro waxes are best applied by the crayon method; rub on thick, iron, scrape, brush, polish. Read about wax application.
  • Brushing and base structure are critical elements of tuning.

Wax Selection Charts

If you prefer a printable chart, the wax selection charts below open as PDF files.


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