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Spring Tuneup

Spring Happens

Racers or serious spring skiers should consider a re-tune of their skis to adapt to the changing conditions. The winter may have imparted some wear on the ski or snowboard base and in addition the snow is now wetter and dirtier. Here is what to consider/examine:

  • Check your base flatness. Cold snow is abrasive and considerable wear and/or uneven wear may have occurred. If so, consider a stonegrind (see next entry).
  • Warmer wetter snow means excess water under your base that leads to a slowdown from the suction effect. Your structure may be worn from the winter and need to be refreshed anyway. For wet/warm conditions should you be able to feel the structure under your fingers; in cold/dry conditions, you want a structure that you can see, but not feel with your fingers. See the Structure Theory link above for more information.
  • Check your edge bevels. Over the course of a season, well-intentioned but overly aggressive diamond stone polishing can alter the bevel. The performance of the ski can be affected by this, especially the base bevel.
  • Clean the bases (hot-wax-scrape-cleaning preferred - see the Wax Application link above) as dirt rises to the to of warm wet snow.
  • Try molybdenum (moly) waxes. This additive will repel dirt.
  • If you're not using fluoro waxes or have been using low fluoro, switch to high fluoro wax and feel the glide.
  • Brush extensively and completely.


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